Aeropress Brew Guide

Aeropress involves extracting flavours from the coffee ground that sits inside a chamber. Fully immerse coffee grounds in the water and use roughly 0.5 bars of pressure to extract a round and rich-bodied coffee.

Things you need:

Step 1: Plan the coffee

Beautiful things always start with a good plan. You cannot brew a delicious coffee without knowing what you are doing.

In this brew, we are aiming:

 Coffee Dose: 16 grams

Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:16

Water Temperature: 85 celsius

Water Amount: 260 grams

Total Brewing Time: 2 minutes ± 10 seconds

Brewing method: Aeropress inverted method

Step 2: Grind the coffee

Rinse the whole coffee beans does not work, you need to grind it finer to extract coffee flavours

How to set my grind size:

Check out the recommended grind size for Aeropress on your grinder, set the grind size between espresso and pour over

Here’s the recommended grind size of some grinders:

Timemore Chestnut C2: 15-28 clicks

Commandante C40 MK4: 15-20 clicks

1ZPresso Kpro/Kplus: 65-75 clicks

Kinu M47 Classic: 28-36 clicks

Step 3: Place the plunger and flip the Aeropress upside down

Do not fit the entire plunger into the chamber, you need room for coffee and water to stay

Classic vs. Inverted method:

In general, the longer the coffee contacts water, the more substance is taken out of the coffee. Below explains how to do a classic Aeropress method.

Classic Method: 

  1. Put filter paper on the cap and lock it onto the chamber.
  2. Put coffee grounds into the chamber
  3. Place the Aeropress on a carafe pour water into chamber.
  4. Coffee will slowly filter out because of gravity.
  5. Stir the coffee, place the plunge on top of the chamber
  6. Press the plunge down when time is up.

Step 4: Tare the scale and place coffee into the Aeropress

A scale is an optional tool for controlling your brew, you can still sense your coffee and brew well without a scale

What to do after I tare my scale:

After you tare your scale and are ready to start the timer, you always want to have a quick plan about how to do your pours. 

While using the AeroPress, there are multiple factors we can control in our brew, including water temperature, turbulence (pours and stirs), pressure, and brew time.

Ideally, we want to understand how each factor affects the coffee and determine what we should do to improve our next brew.

Step 5: Brew your coffee

Should I pour in circles or do I need to stir or swirl? There is no correct answer as long as you’re happy with your coffee

Brewing Techniques:

Whether you are pouring in circles, stirring your coffee with a stick, or swirling the AeroPress by your hand, you are making agitations to the coffee, which increases its extraction speed and level.

Different from Pour Over, AeroPress is an immersive method which coffee grounds immerse in the coffee liquid and stop extracting while reaching its saturation concentration.

Consider using an inverted method, wet your disk filter using cool water before locking the filter cap onto your AeroPress. 

Step 6: Enjoy your coffee

Remove the dripper when the time is up or use your nose to sense your coffee’s extraction

Ending Techniques:

Keep an eye on the timer when the planning time is up. 

When time is up, place the cup on AeroPress and turn it upside down. Then gently press down the piston (be gentle, we don’t want to see a broken mug on the floor). 

Before you taste your coffee, smell and feel the fragrance first. Drink your coffee and take a breathe after you swallow, you’ll feel many flavours coming out from your nose and mouth. 

Technically, an AeroPress coffee will be slightly bolder than the pour over. We appreciate different brewing methods, coffee is coffee, take it easy! 

Coffee is the perfect blend of Art and Science

We handle the beans, You focus on brewing.

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