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Scape Brisbane

South Bank & Toowong 

We have had the honor of providing coffee catering services at numerous events held at Scape Brisbane. The students have consistently been thrilled as they savor the rich flavors of our exquisite pour-over coffee, and we thoroughly enjoy sharing our coffee knowledge with them.

Each time, the mornings have been filled with laughter, live guitar performances, and even some Easter chocolate egg-making fun. We are tremendously grateful for the opportunity to serve our coffee and contribute to these delightful experiences for the students.

Thank you, Scape Brisbane, for allowing us to be a part of these memorable moments!

Casual Events

Oil Painting Event

Acacia Ridge

We were thrilled to be a part of another exciting event, this time centered around oil painting!

Our coffee catering services were invited to provide pour-over coffee for the students who were attending a painting workshop led by a skilled teacher. As the students unleashed their creativity on the canvas, we were there to fuel their artistic endeavors with our delicious coffee.

The event also featured snacks and beverages, making it a truly enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We were honored to be a part of this unique event and contribute to the students’ creative journey with our specialty coffee offerings.

Thank you for including us in this wonderful occasion!

Photo Credit: Yona Studio


Serving pour-over coffee in the event adds an elegant touchQ

Guests can enjoy a customized and flavorful cup of coffee made with freshly ground beans and the pour-over brewing method.

Our skilled baristas will expertly prepare the pour-over coffee, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable coffee experience for guests.

We make coffee upon your needs

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